Day: September 11, 2017

FreeNAS 11 iSCSI with ESXi 6.5 Lab Setup

With FreeNAS’s new interface, this is out of date. I have written an updated one here. Also, I have a guide for FreeNAS, XCP-ng and iSCSI here. In my home lab setup I’ve currently got 1 FreeNAS box and 1 VMware ESXi box. They’re connected using a multipath iSCSI link on cheap quad-gigabit cards I brought used. This setup works quite well for home lab use and provides a safe enough place to store my VMs. In this article I’ll guide you through the setup process I’ve used to get iSCSI working between FreeNAS and ESXi. I’ll presume you’ve got a fresh FreeNAS and ESXi install on both systems and quad or dual gigabit links between them.

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