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GMDanmaku 2: Lua based Touhou Shmup Maker

When I started my first GMDanmaku project I did it as a way to teach myself basic programming. It ended up being an excellent project for that and it got me thinking of what’s next. After dabbling in some other projects I decided to make a game/tool people could use to learn programming in a similar way. Being somewhat inspired by the Touhou community lead me to decide on making a Touhou Shmup making engine.

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GameMaker: 3D Background & Surface Basics [003]

3D in GameMaker can be tricky to set up if you’re only reading the manual. In this tutorial I’ll show you how I use Surfaces and basic 3D functions to create a background for my shmup style game. If you’re new to GameMaker, make sure you have a good understanding of it’s interface and how to use GML first.

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GameMaker: Designing a Shmup Replay System [002]

A replay system can be an important asset to a game, especially in the shmup genre. Being able to share replay files with other people when you clear a new difficulty or want to show off a high score can add to the experience. Early in development I decided to include a replay system in my shmup. I realized pretty quick that it isn’t going to be easy to code, especially since I had been using GameMaker for only 4 weeks at that point and information on the subject was sparse.

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GameMaker: Studio GMDE Shmup [DevLog 001]

The Beginning I’ve been working on a Touhou-like Shmup game for some time now. I started it as a kind of adventure to learn how to program games with a relatively simple language (GML) as my first choice. I got GameMaker: Studio at the end of December 2014 and periodically uploaded videos showing what I have made (see playlist below). More recently I’ve learnt some C, Python and found once you learn your first language, others are very easy to pick up.

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StarCraft Coop Mod

R4Z0R84 and I got fed up with the lack of good Co-op RTS games! So what did we do about it I hear you asking? Well, we decided to mod every level in StarCraft and it’s expantion (Brood War) to be 2 player Co-op! We have increased the difficulty somewhat to compensate for two people, changed the scripting and edited small parts of the map layouts where needed. Please enjoy and share this with everyone you know!

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