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GMDanmaku 2: Lua based Touhou Shmup Maker

When I started my first GMDanmaku project I did it as a way to teach myself basic programming. It ended up being an excellent project for that and it got me thinking of what’s next. After dabbling in some other projects I decided to make a game/tool people could use to learn programming in a similar way. Being somewhat inspired by the Touhou community lead me to decide on making a Touhou Shmup making engine.

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GameMaker: 3D Background & Surface Basics [003]

3D in GameMaker can be tricky to set up if you’re only reading the manual. In this tutorial I’ll show you how I use Surfaces and basic 3D functions to create a background for my shmup style game. If you’re new to GameMaker, make sure you have a good understanding of it’s interface and how to use GML first.

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GameMaker: Designing a Shmup Replay System [002]

A replay system can be an important asset to a game, especially in the shmup genre. Being able to share replay files with other people when you clear a new difficulty or want to show off a high score can add to the experience. Early in development I decided to include a replay system in my shmup. I realized pretty quick that it isn’t going to be easy to code, especially since I had been using GameMaker for only 4 weeks at that point and information on the subject was sparse.

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GameMaker: Studio GMDE Shmup [DevLog 001]

The Beginning I’ve been working on a Touhou-like Shmup game for some time now. I started it as a kind of adventure to learn how to program games with a relatively simple language (GML) as my first choice. I got GameMaker: Studio at the end of December 2014 and periodically uploaded videos showing what I have made (see playlist below). More recently I’ve learnt some C, Python and found once you learn your first language, others are very easy to pick up.

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